Advantage Kerala

  • Excellent rail and road connectivity
  • Excellent air connectivity, only state to have three international airports
  • Kerala is India's most literate State with abundant trained and skilled manpower.
  • Kerala is committed to accelerate the flow of private investments to the State and to create a hassle-free investment climate
  • Low start-up  and operating costs, lower salaries, rentals and power  tariffs


Advantage India

Vizhinjam port to support india's economic growth

Competitive Advantages of Vizhinjam

  • Located on Southern tip of Indian Peninsula
  • Only 10 nautical miles from the major international sea route and East-West shipping axis
  • Natural water depth of more than 20 m within a nautical mile from coast
  • Minimal capital dredging  (1 million cubic metres in Phase I)
  • Least Littoral transport 
  • Negligible maintenance dredging 
  • Central to the eastern and western coast lines of India - can cater to the needs of both west  and east coast
  • Greenfield nature - flexibility in design & connectivity
  • No significant environmental/ social issues
  • Proximity to rail (10 Km), road (2 Km) network & airport (15km)
  • No tariff regulations
  • Being Greenfield Project no legacy of excess personnel.etc
  • Autonomy and freedom in operations to operate competitively
  • No acquisition of land needed for the Port itself(land reclamation planned)
  • Near to State capital city, that has an International airport, the required human resources and  well developed social infrastructure
  • Scope for tourism infrastructure development in future due to proximity to Kovalam (Cruise Terminal, Marina)and Poovar
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